By Caledon Villa / 18th October 2017

Porcelain is frozen music

Climbing the staircase in Caledon Villa will bring you into another world of glossy wallpaper and secret doors. On one...

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By Caledon Villa / 11th October 2017

Music instruments all around us

Once again we acknowledge the role of our ancestors in our special interest in Music. When we bought our first...

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By Jacques Nel / 4th October 2017

Our Veranda or simply Our Stoep

In front of our house, there is a veranda some 20 m long. It starts at the front entrance, runs...

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By Caledon Villa / 27th September 2017

We do not have wild animals in our backyard

Living in the historic centre of Stellenbosch makes one thing very clear: we do not have the Big Five in...

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By Caledon Villa / 20th September 2017

Statistics: What do they tell us

Statistics are cold numbers on the screen of our computer. Can they tell us anything? Statistics belong to the past.You...

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By Jacques Nel / 13th September 2017

Books are our Friends

Books are becoming redundant as the electronic devices of the modern era invade their realm. Really? In general this is...

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Caledon Villa
By Jacques Nel / 6th September 2017

Our Artist like to come back

In recent years we have commissioned certain artists to create pieces of art for us in their specific styles. But...

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By Jacques Nel / 30th August 2017

Succulents in the Sky

Our private bungalow in the garden was built in 2005. On the flat concrete roof we installed a geyser with...

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By Jacques Nel / 23rd August 2017

We Discover our Attic

For more than 100 years only the hot water geysers knew what was really going on in the low but...

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By Jacques Nel / 15th August 2017

The Water Crisis in the Cape

Stellenbosch is part and parcel of the Cape Metropolitan Area and therefore our taps are also fed from the same...

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