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Caledon Villa is an impressive heritage site with Edwardian and Victorian characteristics. Its Cape-Dutch gable with three white urns against the skyline is an iconic sight in historic Neethling Street. The house was declared a National Building and Provincial Heritage Site.


Caledon Villa was built in 1910 as the retirement house for the Reverend Koos Krige who was a minister in the congregation of Caledon in the Overberg region. At the time, the last few of his eleven children were still students at the local university which meant that he had to plan for many more rooms. After his passing, his widow sold the house to another family who lived here for many decades.


In 1992 the house once again became the property of the Krige family when Johan and Ode Krige, members of the same family, bought Caledon Villa. In this case, the house was too big for their retirement needs and was conveniently converted into a guest house.


Caledon Villa celebrated 100 years as one of the iconic heritage sites in Stellenbosch.


Caledon Villa Guesthouse turned 25-years old with a loyal and worldwide network of guests returning again and again to experience warm hospitality and a fascinating heritage.


Owners Johan and Ode curated Caledon Villa to showcase their family heritage and cultural interests. The guesthouse features artworks and collections, including three family museums that add a special dimension to the interior and guest experience.

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