Johan's Domain

Talk to Johan on subjects such as genealogy and heraldry, sport and politics, rare plants and animals, science and technology, music and architecture or on any other subject you wish. Trained as an engineer he has developed an interest in many topics crossing his way.

He also has a keen ear to listen to the stories and experiences shared by enthusiastic guests from all walks of life. Soon a mutual theme or person will emerge to continue the conversation in a meaningful direction. Even the smallest uncertainty will cause him to jump to his feet, search through his library and then use an article or reference to substantiate the basis for their exchange of ideas. This attitude of informed discussion has its roots in his domain:

** At Caledon Villa – his personal library, the family Museum Archive and many tourism related brochures etc.

** At the local Dutch Reformed Church – the congregation’s archive and the Krige family tomb.

More recently Johan became interested in indigenous succulent plants and found an ideal habitat for them on the concrete roof of their apartment in the garden. He likes to accompany his guests on a tour of the various clusters of plants and to tell the stories behind the different species and even something about the rocks – some with lichens on them from specific barren areas of Southern Africa.